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How to Setup a Dropshipping Website

how to setup a dropshipping websiteThere are several simple steps you have to follow if you want to start your very own online dropshipping website with products. Many dropshippers are selling to wholesale or small retail customers, or even to people who run online stores.

These wholesale, internet, or retail businesses use dropshippers for them to buy items in low quantities. Also, they may need you to ship products on their behalf. You have to find your very own manufacturer or wholesale supplier for your online dropshipping website.

how to setup a dropshipping website

Steps for a successful setup of your dropshipping site.

  1. Come up with a name for your online dropshipping website. You have to register your business name as a doing business as or DBA through your county or city administration office.
  2. Decide on the types of products you plan to dropship and sell online.
  3. You can check with the respective organization to request them for the list of wholesale suppliers selling the products you like to sell. These organizations have a list of all possible manufacture suppliers.
  4. Get in touch with several manufacturer and wholesale suppliers. Check which one is selling the products that you need. See to it that your manufacturer or wholesaler also provides dropshipping so that you can also order even in small quantities if needed. Choose the manufacturer supplier or wholesaler that provides the least unit cost since you will need to purchase products affordably as a wholesaler.
  5. Get a merchant account through your bank for you to accept orders placed using credit cards.
  6. Create your site with the use of an online store building software. Request for pictures of products from your chosen supplier. If there are no pictures, you can order sample products instead. Take a picture of these products then post them on your site. Follow the software’s format in adding prices and descriptions of your products. There should be a shopping cart so that customers can check out once they finished shipping. There must also be a button for customers who want to make a purchase using their credit card. Add an About page describing the benefits of purchasing products from your company. Include a Contact page on your website complete with your business name, email address, phone number, and physical address.
  7. Create a website address or URL for your dropshipping site. Check if the domain name or address is available through checking with domain registration sites. If it is still available, you can now register your chosen domain name.
  8. Look for a website host and follow their instructions on how to get your site live online.
  9. Submit your site to different search engines. Look for a search engine optimizer through an online consultant or web design agency. Get the help of the search engine optimizer to get to the first page result when people look for your products.
  10. Order products from the supplier once people placed their orders. Pay the wholesale cost to your supplier and keep the rest as your profit.
  11. Ship out the products to your customers.